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May 21st, 2017, 1:21 pm

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Reply Novae Comic, May 21st, 2017, 1:26 pm

Hey everyone! Here's the first 5 pages of our M/M Historical Paranormal Romance, Novae! For those who would like to read ahead please visit our homepage at:

Starting today, we'll be updating 1 page a day until we almost catch up to our main site! (Which has 2 chapters worth of pages~)

Thank you for reading! <3

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Reply Huntik13 (Guest), May 22nd, 2017, 2:57 pm

Okay! The latest page!!

I visit you main site for Novae! The website's style is really pretty! I love starry sky artworks! =^-^=

And I read your other comics, "The Ring of Saturn" and "Inhabitant of Another Planet" at SparklerMonthly!! I really them too! I spend an entire day to read both of them!

I also read ahead on Novae's main site, but I can't comment on there, so I just do it here! I though about leaving you a big comment about all of my thoughts on your comics, but I think I should take it one and build it up as I go.! V^^

So, I'm working out a timeline between the 3 comics. If I got right, then the order goes like this:

1. Inhabitant of Another Planet
2. Novae
3. The Ring of Saturn (because you-know-who reminisces at end)

This is correct, right?

Reply Novae Comic, May 22nd, 2017, 3:25 pm

@Huntik13: Wow!! Thank you so much for this comment!!

Ah thank you for reading our other comics! We're so glad you enjoyed them!! Yes, they all take place in the same universe. You got the timeline down almost perfectly! The only little thing is that The Ring of Saturn actually takes place as a side story within the Novae timeline. Though we haven't given anything away about that yet ;P We're really eager to share and spoil but we will hold ourselves back lol. I think your the first person to make a timeline! We're really happy for your thoroughness!

We're sorry the commenting section on our site is so difficult, I know disqus is kind of a pain to use. But we are really looking forward to your comments on SJ! :D Thanks again!

Reply Huntik13 (Guest), May 22nd, 2017, 4:15 pm

@Novae Comic: Oh, you guys' responses are fast~! Neat! \^0^/

Yes, I will be posting a lot of comments and questions, so be on the lookout for me~!

So, "The Ring of Saturn" is a side story? Well, I can't wait to find out how Sulvain became a shop owner! Or maybe that's something does on the side...?

Reply Novae Comic, May 23rd, 2017, 1:58 pm

@Huntik13: Yay!

Saturn is sort of a stand alone story that is related to the main story. It will all come together probably towards the end of the second volume! We're planning a few more shorts that center around other characters, it's gonna be fun!

Sulvain is always into physiology and medicine, so he dabbles in pharmacy in Saturn :D

Reply Huntik13 (Guest), May 23rd, 2017, 8:32 pm

@Novae Comic: Ah, is that so? Interesting!

And more short stories?! Sounds like fun indeed! ^-^

Reply Macbeth, August 4th, 2017, 1:18 am

Oh I guess I'll just read it there then it looks better on my screen there then here

Reply Novae Comic, August 4th, 2017, 5:06 pm

@Macbeth: Sweet! :D <3

Reply Antaresia, August 9th, 2017, 9:57 am


Reply Novae Comic, August 9th, 2017, 11:10 pm

@Antaresia: OUI! :D Our friend translated for us :3

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